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Low Sulphur Regular Burning Oil – BS 2869: Class C2
Regular Burning Oil – BS 2869: Class C2



Gas Oil / Derv

Derv – BS EN 50
Ultra Low Sulphur Derv – BS EN 590
Gas Oil CI – BS 2869: Class A2 & D
Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil – EN 590
Marine Gas Oil – ISO 8217: DMA
Marine Diesel Oil – ISO 8217: DMB

Motor Spirits

Super Unleaded Motor Spirit – BS 7800
Unleaded Motor Spirit – BS EN228
Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol – PU50
Sulphur-Free Petrol – PU10

Light Catalytically Cracked Naphtha


Jet Fuel






Fuel Oils

Medium Fuel Oil – BS 2869 Class F
Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) – BS 2869 Class G
Low Sulphur Fuel Oil – BS 2869 Class G
Intermediate Fuel Oil – BSMA 100 Class RMF25
Marine Fuel Oil – BSMA 100 Class RML45

Murco sites also stock a range of Castrol oils

Engine Oils

GTX High Mileage, GTX 10W-40, GTX Magnatec 15W-40,
GTX Magnatec 10W-40, GTX Magnatec 5W-30,
GTD Diesel 15W-40, GTD Plus 10W-40, GTD Magnatec 10W-40,
SLX Longlife II 0W-30

Motorcycle Engine Oils

Coot-R, Super TT

Brake Fluid

Response DOT 4

Gear Oils

TQ Dexron III

Speciality Products

Valvemaster, Valvemaster Plus

Horticultural Machinery Products

4 stroke Lawnmower Oil
2 stroke Lawnmower Oil

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