As Murco’s retail business grew in the 60’s and 70’s the company made the decision to expand its UK operations still further by investing in refining.

UK Refining

In 1981 Murco expanded its UK operations with the purchase of 30% of Amoco UK’s Milford Haven Refinery.

In December 2007 Murco purchased the remaining 70% interest in the refinery to become the 100% owner. Today, the refinery can process over 5 million tonnes of crude every year. This means Murco can make enough products to comfortably supply its thriving retail and commercial network.

In addition to petrol and diesel, the refinery produces propane and butane, typically used for cooking and heating, kerosene for aircraft fuel and fuel oil for ships and industry.

Refined products not supplied to Murco’s retail network or commercial customers are sold on the international oil markets where it also purchases the crude oil to feed the refinery.

UK Storage and Distribution

Murco owns and operates three terminals within the U.K all of which receive product by rail. The terminals are located in Bedworth, Theale and Westerleigh.

In total, the terminals are expected to handle some two million tons of product a year; this is equivalent to around 70,000 vehicle loads. With regard to Murco’s own sites, dealer and company owned, this equates to some 750 million litres per year. The terminals also participate in exchange and storage arrangements with other major oil companies for the maintenance of the supply of fuel throughout the UK.