Duddery Hill Service Station in Haverhill, Suffolk has recently joined Murco having been under the BP umbrella and owned and operated by the same family owners, Allan, Clive and Barry Chapman of A&A Chapman Ltd, for over 40 years.

Situated at the heart of its local community in Haverhill, fuel sales are in excess of 3 million litres per annum and its excellent convenience store includes hot ‘food to go’, a huge and well stocked grocery range, an exceptional alcohol and beverage offering and a very popular Costa Coffee Express.

Commenting on the brand change to Murco, Clive Chapman said: “Changing the brand after 40 years with BP was a brave move but we are very optimistic of the future.

“The new look is very popular with our customers and has a strong roadside presence, particularly at night with the LED canopy perimeter lighting.

“The entire Murco team from our sales manager, the fuels team at their head office and their tanker drivers are in tune with our business and they have been an exceptional partner since we parted ways with BP.

“I am confident that moving to Murco will prove a real success.”

Nick Wright, Murco’s dealer network manager said: “This is an exceptional addition to our fast-growing network which clearly demonstrates that we can compete with the major brands and give dealers the attractive and flexible fuel deals they are looking for.”