A Murco-branded forecourt and Ford dealership has opened a new Spar store on the site.

Andrew Calder, owner of Thornbury Motors, (see photo) decided to upgrade the small forecourt kiosk into a convenience store.

Working with the Spar wholesaler Appleby Westward, he oversaw the transformation of the 250sq ft. kiosk shop into a 750sq ft forecourt convenience store, with room to extend in the future as the business grows.

“An area around the existing shop was taken up by used cars and we built the new store into that,” said Andrew. “We are delighted with the outcome and have had nothing but positive comments from customers.

“The shop fitters did a great job and the merchandisers were tireless, working all hours in order to transform the shop into a very modern convenience store with off licence, Costa coffee, fresh and chilled products, a full range of groceries and an introductory food-to-go offer.”

He said the site had been with Murco for about 14 years and updated to their latest branding last year.

He added: “This is the first time we have had a serious forecourt grocery store offering for the community and we are confident our partnership with Spar will fully meet the convenience shopping needs of our customers.”

Copy and photograph courtesy of Forecourt Trader.