The landmark service station Woodside Garage in South Molton, North Devon has moved from Gulf to Murco for its fuel supply.

The 2 million litres per annum site came on board after extensive negotiations with the Murco dealer team and a chance meeting with the brand’s owners William Bannister and Jeremy Clarke from Motor Fuel Group.

The site was acquired by husband and wife team, Lee & Natalie Curtis in January 2019 and they immediately recognised the need to secure a more competitive fuel supply agreement and the cost effective, transparent and well supported package offered by Murco clinched the deal.

Lee said: “We are delighted with the supply deal we achieved, Murco’s offer was strong and transparent from the start and Simon Parfitt their regional sales manager has been very helpful throughout.

“Since our change to Murco branding, local customer reaction has all been very positive and we are expecting all aspects of our business to grow.

“Natalie and I have great plans for this site. In the immediate future, we plan to nearly double the size of our shop within the existing footprint and expand our product range to include alcohol, ‘food to go’ and the Lottery.

“We cater for the local community and many tourists, so we are keen to expand the number of locally produced lines we offer.

“In the longer term, we are planning to become more of a modern service area in a new energy efficient building, offering a great forecourt, a welcoming shop and a modern restaurant and we already know that we can rely on Murco to support us in this great venture.”


Our pix shows Lee and Natalie with another important gain, their new daughter Ella.